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All Grown Up Weddings is the brainchild of award-winning wedding photographers Dan O’Day and Kelly Tunney, who have collectively shot roughly 708 weddings over the past five years. Dan and Kelly were initially industry competitors, giving one another angry sneers at photography expos and secretly working very hard to out-rank the other one with every new project. But, as they say, “Time Heals All Sneers,” and Dan and Kelly were no exception. They eventually became great friends and assets to one another in their individual businesses, which lead them to their proudest achievement to date: All Grown Up Weddings!

Dan and Kelly are also All Grown Up’s most experienced shooters, but while they’re pretty great, this isn’t all about them.

All Grown Up Weddings is a collective of experienced photographers, specialising in weddings, each with their own unique flavour and twist. The photographers of All Grown Up have been selected to be a part of the team for a few reasons: they are all unique, they all know what they’re doing, and they are all bloody good.

That’s about all from us. Now we’d love to hear a little more about you, what’s your story, and what you have planned for the most epic day of your life!

We look forward to high-fiving you!


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