motion films

Looking for some motion to accompany the memory of your celebration? All Grown Up Weddings can capture your day as an exquisite short film, produced by our amazing filmmakers.

You will receive a 3-5 minute highlight reel, in a sense a short film in a music video format. To see examples of this, just head over to our website and click on the “motion films” tab.

You will also receive the extended cut of the raw footage! Essentially an ungraded extended reel to enjoy some of the footage and moments that didn’t quite make the cut to your feature film (this may include vows throughout the ceremony and speeches throughout the reception).

From the preparations before the ceremony and well into the dance floor shenanigans, it is one fixed investment.

Belinda + Ben from All Grown Up Photography Group on Vimeo.

Cat + Guy from All Grown Up Photography Group on Vimeo.