It all started with a game of Pictionary. They were attending a games night hosted by their two best friends who had just started dating. Partnered together, Christina and Dale took out the win and from then onwards, they’ve made the greatest team.

This divine duo cemented their love on a warm, summer day in the Sculpture Garden at The National Gallery of Australia – a picture perfect venue for a couple of “artists”. From setting eyes on each other for the first time as Christina graced her way down the aisle to swaying along to their favourite tune, Tiny Dancer, it was a day these love birds will never forget.

And the fact that this special day was a family affair made it that much better. A memorable moment was Dale’s Uncle Dunc flying all the way from Dundee, Scotland to pipe them out of the ceremony and into the reception.

Christina and Dale were lucky to have had our talented Erin capture these special moments from the day.

“We loved Erin, she was so relaxed and calming. I’m (Christina) not very photogenic and she really made me feel beautiful in the shots she caught”.

Prepare to experience all those warm, fuzzy feelings as you take a scroll through Erin’s shots of their picturesque day.

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