Fine Art Books

We were trying to come up with the best way to articulate the importance of investing in a tangible printed air loom but we were struggling to find just the right words. Luckily for us, The Album Registry has an amazing explanation on their website for what they view is the important of investing in a book to archive the craziest day of your life.

– Throughout history, prints and albums have served as an essential record of a family’s history. Nowhere else can a person find so many authentic photos of relatives and friends engaged in a day full of romance or significant events. By creating an album and printing your photos, you will be contributing to your family history by ensuring that future generations have a tangible record of how their family came to be over time. While it may be hard to imagine great grandchildren so far down the road, it is likely that they could one day have your album passed down into their hands –  The Album Registry